Rack Extension Essentials – Sonic Charge Echobode

Today I would like to start and introduce you to a new series on my blog called Rack Extension Essentials.

This is about showing you what Rack Extensions I use and love for what they bring to Reason. Since I’m using only Reason Essentials the benefits of some of these might have a bigger impact than to users of the full version and you could easily argue if there isn’t a Combinator that does the same or gets close to the same results, nonetheless, having a dedicated tool sometimes does have its undeniable advantages.

Lets start with…


Echobode by Sonic Charge.

Echobode is a frequency shifter combined with a delay. The frequency shifter algorithm is inspired by the classic Bode device and it has excellent sideband separation. The delay uses high quality all-pass interpolation and a built-in LFO can be used to modulate the effect.”

Beside pasting the product description from the shop page, it does offer a vast amount of uses, from flanger to phaser to delay to very, very “out there”. It has one of the best user interfaces to me and the price is just about right for such a tool.

I’ve been a huge fan of Magnus since I started using Malström and he keeps coming up with interesting and fun devices like Synplant and now Echobode. Highly recommended to everyone, Reason and Essentials users!